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Shifa Online Welfare & Charity Sector is another subsidiary of Rahmania Fareedi Spiritual Hub.

Rahmania Fareedi Spiritual Hub

Miyan Sahab founded the RAHMANIA FARIDI SPIRITUAL HUB, (as per his father’s aspiration in early 2005), after the death of his father, may his shrine be shining always for propagating the SUFI teachings to illuminate the hearts with the love of GOD and unconditional faith in Him.

Miyan Sahab’s disciples and people who love him and respect him are found worldwide – The majority is found in India, Pakistan, North America and South Africa. He is a magnificent man with a heart full of unconditional love and a charismatic personality. His lessons and teachings illuminate the hearts with love of GOD and unconditional faith in Him, in consequence enlightening of the inner being.

Who is Miyan Sahab?

Miyan Mohiuddin Hassan, alias Miyan Sahab, is a Muslim Sufi of Pakistan. He is a Sufi Master, author, educator, and spiritual guide for millions of people throughout the world.

Birth and childhood

He was born in 1982 in Karachi city, in the Sindh province of Pakistan. He belongs to a famous Sufi family of Karachi city and Hyderabad city, in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

Spiritual Path

The first spiritual blessings were showered on Miyan Sahab by a SUFI of India, whose name was Baba Jalaal Shah, the grandson of the famous SUFI Sheikh of India, Bawa Abdur Rahman Shah of Ambheta Shareef, may Allah illuminate, his shrine. Miyan Sahab was 4 years old when he was taken to his holy presence, (Baba Jalaal Shah), for the cure of seizures. Later,  Miyan Sahab was trained and raised in the Sufi path by his father ,Hazrat Khaleel Ur Rahman Shah(may his shrine be shining always) who was the son and the first Sajjadah Nasheen and the successor of Hazrat Kassim Shah Faridi also known as Kassim Baba Faridi by his disciples.

Miyan Sahab Rahmania Faridi is the only son of his noble father. His father always wanted to see Miyan Sahab as a leader of spiritual pathways of the highest stages, so he received full supervision and training, and was perfected in the Sufi path, receiving the blessings and spiritual gaze of the Masters of this sublime tariqa.

Upon acquiring all the highest stages of the SUFI tradition, Miyan Sahab was finally awarded with the khilafah and Sajjadgi succession by his Master and father, Hazrat KHALEEL UR REHMAN SHAH, at the age of eight. His father fully authorized him in the Chishtiya, Naqshbandia, Soharwardiya and Qadriya tariqa, by awarding him Ijazah and designated Miyan Sahab as his successor at different occasions.

Miyan Sahab also happened to meet many unknown SUFI MYSTICS throughout his life journey upto now, who at different phases of life gave him the lessons to love GOD and have unconditional faith in Him and illuminate his heart with the love of GOD.


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