Mehfil-e-Thikr & Food Distribution

Mehfil-e-Thikr & Food Distribution

Amongst The Lovely Children Of Vision Child and Youth Care Centre – Penlyn, Cape Town



After Asr salaah, a Mehfil-e-Thikr & Food Distribution was held for the late Layloonihaar Baksh on behalf of her daughter, Sidratul Muntaha Baksh from Argentina. The 42 children at Vision Child and Youth Care Centre, (some orphaned and others destitute), along with their Sheikh recited the thikr for Sidrah Baksh’s deceased Mom. The children filled my eyes with tears due to their sincerity in their remembrance of Allah, and RasulAllah SAW. May Allah accept their duaas for Layloonihaar Baksh and other deceased – May Allah illuminate their graves with light Insha Allah ameen.

 In one of the pictures the lady in charge, Aunty Suraya, accepts a monetary donation made by Sidrah Baksh on behalf of her mother for the Vision Child and Youth Care Centre.

After the Mehfil-e-Thikr, the children indulged in the lovely cakes and cold drinks supplied by Sidrah Baksh and little Rahmah and Muddaththir Cornelius. The bread rolls were donated by sister Faghriya of Bake ‘n Cake Bakery in Surrey Estate, Cape Town.

May Allah reward you all for your efforts Insha Allah Ameen.

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